Charmayne's Push Puppet Page

My not quite push puppets


Almost push puppets!



... these are wonderful puppets but are not quite what I think of as push puppets. They have push paddles or levers on the back of their bases. They are floppy and cute. Take a look...

I have five.


one of the clowns


```The Indian Princess

The Indian Princess

The Magician


Clown #2``

second clown``


back of clowns

back of the clowns and Magician



push levers

close-up of the paddles



Whew! It is breezy. Such legs under that long skirt!




close-up of the levers


This is Marty, the traffic cop. He is the fifth in my collection. He stands 15.5 cm or about 6 inches tall.  His round label molded into the base says "DEPOSÉ Marty PATENT".
the back of Marty

In this picture and the next you can see his push levers which control his hands and forward/backwards movement. These lever are held in place with two TINY tacks on each side.

Marty's side view

Marty's base is Bakelite and his legs and arms are springs.  He can point left and right and even make a pretty good salute when the moods takes him!



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