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My Boxer puppets ...


I have a new boxer which brings my total to 16. From the various versions of the Kohner puppets to the Swedish Brio pair to the very different Triang puppet I tried to show you all of them. Wakouwa had several versions, too, and I can't leave out the Kib-itz black boxer pair. Look down the page for close-ups of the labels and faces.


Brio boxersBrio boxers


Kib-itz boxers


Triang boxers


Kohner boxers?

Unbranded but most likely a Kohner puppet.

boxers version 2       boxers version2

This pair stand on a square green wood base. No brand.

Kohner boxers?

All wood puppet, most likely a Kohner puppet
Kohner Hit and Miss boxers

Small Kohner Hit and Miss puppets.

Kohner transition puppet

Kohner transition 1

Kohner transition 2

Kohner transition 2

Kohner Hit and Miss puppet

Another version of the small Kohner Hit and Miss puppets.

Kohner Hit and Miss puppet

Large Kohner Hit and Miss puppets. No label.

Kohner Hit and Miss puppet

Large Kohner Hit and Miss puppets. Paper label.

Wakouwa Champs

Wakouwa Champs. This pair of boxers are small and have ring corner dowels. Painted label.

Wakouwa boxer pair

Wakouwa. This boxer pair is tall and has more details than the other Wakouwa boxers.

Another Wakouwa Champs puppet.

Wakouwa Champs. Black boxer pair with metal arms and hands. The label is paper.

faces, arms, and labels


Brio Label

Brio sticker label


Kohner engraved label.

Kohner plastic base label which is etched and painted

Wakouwa paper label

One of 3 styles of Wakouwa labels. This one is paper.


Hit and Miss paper label.

All wood Kohner puppet, square base with a paper label. The dowel boxing ring corner posts have holes through which the string is threaded.

Hit and Miss foiled label.

All wood Kohner puppet, square base with a foiled label. This label also came with a black background.

 Brio Boxer's face

 Brio Boxer's face

version 2 face

A  Wakouwa or Wakouwa knock-off  face.

Kohner face style

This is the style of face all the Kohner boxers have. Early puppets had pipe stem cleaner arms with bead hands. Later ones  had wood cut out arms and hands. Lots of these had fuzzy hair.

Wakouwa head style

One of 3 Wakouwa styles of heads.

Kib-itz face close-up 

 Kib-itz face is a paper label. Note the triangular upper body.

arm styles 

3 more arm styles.



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