Charmayne's Push Puppet Page

Christmas puppets, old, modern, wood, plastic and combinations.



The very large Santa puppets were probably made in the USA. Not such great movement for these big guys. They tend to fall over and struggle to get back up.

The tall Drummer boy was available unpainted for those talented with a paint brush and tube of paint. I will leave mine natural!! They were made in China.


Lovely vintage puppets!

I have a Santa swinging over the chimney top. You push buttons on the side to make him flip over and swing. The little Italian wood Santa is sweet with great movement.  2 all plastic Santas, one each from Fun World and Kohner. Last a pair of plastic Chimney bases. One is a snowman, the other Santa.


Several wood snowmen from China plus a plastic version and 2 elf-like figures.

9 assorted Santa puppets. Tall, short, round, wood, plastic. One sits on a sled.

A little mauve angel, a couple of strange drummer boys and the reindeer.


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