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Perky Dog and new friend!

Perky is a knock-off Happy Dog. He stands on a square base, has round beads for a tail, decals eyes, painted nose and mouth. His ears are vinyl and were glued in place. I found my first Perky Dog many years ago. He is "as found". My second Perky with his red tail has two noticeable differences. 1) His label is painted on, where my first Perky has a glued-on label. 2) The base size is also not the same from dog to dog. I got my second Perky on eBay, advertised as a horse. Bob did a wonderful repair job, putting the head on the correct end (easy) and putting Perky straight on his base (harder; that meant completely restringing him. His strings were so frayed and he would not had lasted through many pushes of his button.) To compete the restoration, I gave him new eyes and ears.

Original Perky from the front and side.

This is my original Perky.


This is the eBay photo of my second Perky...

Head popped off.

Above and to the right are photos of Perky's head popped off and put back on the correct end! But keep scrolling downward for the completed job.  

  Head put on the neck.

Here is the better repair job of replacing strings, putting Perky on the base correctly, plus giving him eyes and new eyes. They are good friends and live in the push puppet dog pound with a lot of other dogs!

Perky much improved!



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