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Tipsitoff is another almost but not quite a push puppet. But he is adorable and very interesting and intricate.
I got my Tipsitoff years ago, broken. Bob repaired him, replacing the rubber band which was hard and had disintegrated. Tom then hung on his lamppost for a long time. Push the button and he would fall down drunk;  if you were not careful, he'd do a flip, too.
A few months ago the rubber band broke again. This time when Bob took him apart, I snapped some photos to show you the inside and some of the parts. There is no indication of a manufacturer or country of origin. I am guessing Great Britain due to what the bottom is made out of. Read below.


 Tipsitoff box

The box is a bottomless tube. Tom slides into it, his base acting as the bottom of the tube. The box states, "AN ATTRACTIVE TOY THAT WILL PROVIDE ENDLESS AMUSEMENT FOR YOUNG AND OLD". 

Disassembled Tom.
 partially assembled 
His arm support rests in a slot, covered by a collar and topped with the top of the lamppost.
 inside the base
Inside the base. The string is to hold Tom while placing the rubber band.
The metal bottom has a hole in it which the yellow button depresses into. It is a piece of a toilet (W.C.) bowl cleaner can. Wow. That was a surprise!

metal bottom



It's recycled!

thickness of bottom
Side view of the metal bottom.
all back to hanging around...



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