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My Yancha Pet puppets


Yancha Pets!


black cat

black cat

... are wonderful little push puppets with their special unique features such as hats, bells, ribbons, and printed-paper-banded middles. They were made by Mariko Toy Laboratory in Japan. mahogany colored catmahogany colored cat back view

mahogany colored cat

Fu Dog

Fu Dog. He is missing his sign.

horse, version 1

  horse, version 1 `````

horse, version 2

horse, version 2 with a cowboy hat!

natural catface close-up

  natural cat and close-up of his face `````



dog, version 1

dog, version 1

dog, version 2

dog, version 2

dog, version 3close-up

dog, version 3 and close-up


  Monkey closeup

a monkey???
 Monkey like Petback view
 This Pet is a strange one. His little face says "monkey" but not the rest of him. Notice his Derby hat style. Sweet!


strings come through base

paper label

paper label on the push button

foil label on base fronts

foil label on the front of bases




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