Charmayne's Push Puppet Page

Jan Stephani and his push puppet animals

Stephani animals

These are some of my puppets from the Stephani workshop. I took this photo in about 2007.  Zoom forward to 2014 and my collection of Stephani puppets is larger. They don't all fit into this little display box. Click on this link to see my full set. It is in my Gallery section.

Dietmar Stephani puppets I am certain Jan's father, Dietmar Stephani, made these 3 puppets.
Stephani catalog

The push puppet pages from Jan's catalog

Jan's web page is in German so a hint for English-only speakers... Click first on Bildergalerie, then Wackeltiere as this is the German word for push puppets.

Link for Jan's web page.

2007 monkey

The little monkey appeared in 2007. Sweet!



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