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Karl-Heinz Bilz and his push puppet people

my puppets from Herr Bilz

 These are my puppets from Herr Bilz. At least some of them! Since 2007, my collection has grown to include a maid, a gardener, kite fliers, a wood cutter and many more. Click on this link to see them all. These little German puppets really are so fun to play with as they are very responsive to the slightest touch. If I could have a favorite... well, too many for a favorite. I love them all.

the clown A tiny magnet in the clown's head (and also the boy's head) allows the clown to pick up his top hat. You can see the magnet in his hat. The toy is so flexible, it is not hard to control his movement to allow you to bend him over and grab the hat. Great fun!

the old and new trumpters I took these puppets to Germany with me. Karl-Heinz was very surprised to see the old trumpet player. He said it would have been made by his father.

catalog pageThe page of push puppets from an old Karl-Heinz' catalog.

                                  the footballers



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