Charmayne's Quilling and Curly Cues

Finger Puppet Project

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quilled puppet children

One of my classes at NAQGCON 2016 was taught by Lois Bandt-Weber, the finger puppet class. It was completely fun! Lois brought her elephant, a frog, rabbit, sailor boy, little girls, and a bearded man as models. Quilling strips, along with the wood dowel (which was the form we wrapped for the puppet bodies), glue and imagination along with plenty of time is what is needed for the puppets.  Lois had plenty of ideas plus wiggly eyes to help bring puppets to life. I started on my orange little girl in class. Never the fastest at anything, I had to finish her at home but how cute she turned out! The class was a jump-off point for me. I was completely in love with my little girl finger puppet and started another puppet right away. This time my head strips were rolled the wrong way and I ended up with an old lady, complete with wrinkles! I decided an elephant was next to try. Another success. I made each grandchild a puppet, too. Long ago I had saved a photo from the Internet and I decided to utilize Shashank Nimkar's (Ahmedabad, India) face ideas and give the puppet-boys big crazy smiles and little noses. He calls his puppets Finger Buddies. Just Google it. Jane Jenkins' “twinkle in eyes” technique is how I added these smiles. I used two colors of strips to make a shirt and pants. I added belts, buttons, ties, ears, flowers on the girls' hats, eyelashes and a tail for the elephant. So just how much time gets spent on a little paper finger puppet? Probably WAY too much! Lois, I loved your class. Thanks a million!


Lois Bandt Weber Lois' finger puppets Lois' quilled finger puppets 
Charmayne's puppets:  Charmayne's quilled finger puppet girls  and the backs of the girls 
Florida kids
Arden's, Gwennie's, and Rhys' puppets
Colorado kids 
Arno's and Riley's puppets
 finger puppets from the rear
the group from behind

Charmayne's quilled elephant puppet Size comparison

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