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My KOHNER puppets

The Kohner brothers had a license to manufacture Wakouwa puppets. Early ones were all wood and a few bases were square rather than the much more prevalent round shape. The round wood bases are VERY nice to touch. Soon the bases were changed to plastic. Most were red; blue and green were also available. These plastic bases tended to warp and crack. Several of mine have been in the Push Puppet Hospital, undergoing restorative surgery. Bob has filled the crack with epoxy to stabilize it. I have two Kohner puppets on green plastic bases, one under Howdy Doody and one under Rudolph. Interestingly, these bases STINK!! The surface turns chalky looking and when rubbed off, smells just horrible. It re-chalks quickly. The figures on all the plastic bases were still made with wood beads. I call them "transition Kohner puppets". Later yet, the Kohner puppets were all plastic, much smaller. The figures were not the same as those on the transition puppets but were different characters, many from American cartoons. The newer all plastic puppets are generally not repairable if the strings break. This page shows my all-wood and transition plastic base / wood figure puppets.

Howdy Doody character puppets ~~~

Howdy Doody gang

 Flub-a-Dubclose-up of Flub's head with the spring Howdy on a green base  Howdy DoodyHowdy Doody's microphone

Bob Smith's Howdy Doody Gang

 Flub-a-Dub #177

Howdy on a green base 

 Howdy Doody#180

Clarabelle the Clown #186Clarabelle, side view Princess SummerFall WinterSpring Princess SummerFall WinterSpring's movie   shared heads
Clarabelle the Clown #186

_______________________ _______

 Princess SummerFall WinterSpring# 136

The photo on the right is a link to a short movie showing how her mouth works.


Shared Heads

Howdy Doody and Peter Pan utilize the same head.


Other people puppets ~~~

Kohner Bronco Bill  Kohner Bronco Bill side view Bronco Bill  Bronco Bill   
 Bronco Bill #125: white horse, felt chaps  Bronco Bill #125: brown horse, Bill wear a blue shirt, wood chaps  Bronco Bill #125: brown horse, Bill wear a red shirt, wood chaps   
The Lone Ranger #182
The Kohner's took some artistic license with the Lone Ranger's horse. Trigger wasn't white. And note one Bronco Bill is seated on the same horse. I have little doubt this was done to simplify manufacture and control costs. This horse was also used for the Indian Chief in one version.
 The Lone Ranger in black  The Lone Ranger in black, side view Lone Ranger #182  Lone Ranger #182 label
   The Lone Ranger #182, black suit. 

 Lone Ranger #182, light blue suit, grey hat

  Note that both color costumes use the same label.

 the Lone Ranger's horse  Indian Chief # 176 side view Indian Chief # 176    Yellow bodied Indian Chief closeup of Indian Chief 
 Close-up of the horse's head.  Indian Chief, #176, orange body ... yellow body, vinyl chaps close up of the Chief, #176
    Indian on white horse  Indian Chief, #176Indian Chief, #176, closeup
    Indian Chief #176, riding a white horse  felt chaps 
Peter Pan   Kohner's Mac the SailorKohner's Mac the Sailor back view Kohner's Davy Crocket   Boxer styles
Peter Pan, #141   Mac the Sailor#126  Davy Crocket #190,
A Walt Disney license to Kohner
Boxers, 2 of several. More can be found here. 

Kohner' #111 Walloping Willie

Kohner' #111 Walloping Willie movie

Shared heads  Kohner Tipsy Tom

Walloping Willie, #111, gray

Watch Willie swing for a home run! Another pair of shared heads

Tipsy Tom #132

Kohner Swing Dancers, transition base Kohner Swing Dancers, wood base the boy the girl  
 Swing Dancers #127 older Swing Dancers Swing Dancer heads  


Tipsy Tom's label

The Kohner labels on the plastic based puppets were cut into the bases and filled with white or gold-colored paint. Another version was paper printed with the informaion including the puppet's name and number, "A Kohner Product" and patent info.



Tipsy Tom's label  

Animal puppets~~~

Storky Funny Monkeys Funny Monkey on the left-hand side of the photo is one of my puppet bases which Bob has repaired with epoxy.

Kohner Mickey Mouse #185Kohner Mickey Mouse #185 side view

Storky, #155

Funny Monkey #154 came in two versions.


Mickey Mouse, #185

Kohner Wood base colored donkey  wood base Donkeys Transition donkey  back of DonaldDonald Duck #128
Donkey # 140 came in several styles.

Early ones had wood bases with squeakers.

 Later on bases were plastic.

Donald Duck, #128

Kohner Barking Dog #130 A metal reed and bellows are positioned in the base. When the button is pushed, air is forced up through the reed and a squeaking sound is heard. Squeaker Luck the CatLucky, side view
Barking Dog,  #130   Squeaker mechanism.

Lucky the Cat

Kohner wood elephant Label   elephantelephant
 Elephant #139, wood base Closer view of label  

Elephant #139, plastic base

Kohner Pluto #131 bear  bear's close-up Miniature Kohner animals.  
Pluto,  #131 All wood Kohner bear Tiny animals. These are all wood and less than 3" tall.

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