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     Thanks to all the books, bloggers and Internet-posted pictures for inspiration for my cards. All of my cards are made when I need one to send and never to sell.

Most of the small photos below link to larger ones, just click the photos.


One of the classes I attended at the North American Quilling Guild's annual convention was taught by Carole Horn. It was a husking class, a quilling technique using pins on a board to make loops. The work is wrapped after all the loops are made. Carole taught us how to use 3 strips at once to make this beautiful butterfly. I finished the card she provided with some leftover strips and the completed butterfly. Happy birthday, Diane! It definitely won't be the last husked butterfly I make. Thank you Carole for an informative class with a lovely product. Quilled husked butterfly card
Click on the photos to see details. It is an interesting technique.
Husked butterfly card
I lifted one set of wings and place pegs underneath.
  For one of my daughter-in-law's birthday... It is one of my first attempts in edge-work. I attached the outline of the letter"P" and then filled it in with scrolls. Thank you to
Cecelia Louie / Paper Zen and her wonderful video tutorials.
The background is done with chalk and a stencil.
Pam's birthday card
Pam's birthday card Pam's birthday card from top Pam's birthday card detail
2017 cards    

quilled Mandala card
I used an old pattern as the basis for this Mandala card.
I can't find the pattern at the moment so I will need to work on who to credit.
quilled Mandala card
A side view. Keep everything flat. I used a half-width strip in the center.
quilled Mandala card
Look closely at the larger picture. I used 2 colors of gold quilling paper.
  fantasy flowers I used chalks on these two white cards.
fantasy flowers fantasy flowers fantasy flowers closeup
This card idea came directly from QuillyNilly. I love the addition of lines of glitter to a plain white card. I practiced miniature roses (again). Her idea of wedding bands make this a perfect anniversary or wedding card. I sent it to my son and daughter-in-law. quilled wedding card quilled wedding rings
Another anniversary card but this could be a lovely Valentine's Day card as well. quilled Valentine's Day card quilled Valentine's Day card closeup
Quamped quilled card
I brushed a pale tint over the pinkish cardstock and used quills to stamp the leaf pattern under the flowers.
Quamped quilled card
I cut my 1/8" wide paper in half for the centers of the flowers. It seems more in scale with the flower petals.
Quamped quilled card
The strips are white. After forming my quills, I tinted them with a dry chalk. It adds a soft color to the flowers.
2016 cards    
Valentine's Day 2016  card for my sons' families...
2 styles of quilled hearts
quilled Valentine's Day card
2 styles of quilled hearts, tear drops flowers...
quilled Valentine's Day card
... fringed flowers, Marquise leaves.
My friend and neighbor, Marianne loved her cats. I made this card for her 80-something birthday last summer. Thank you to Simona Elena for inspiring the cats' heads and clip art for the bodies. Look at the close-up. I wish I had cut the 1/8th inch strips in half lengthwise for the flower and muzzle. It would have been more delicate. Marianne's quilled cats Marianne's quilled cat card close-up
Quilled flowers quilled flower card quilled flower card close-up
Quilled Hot Air Balloons thin strip quilling You can watch hot air balloons from my son's patio in Colorado while having your morning cup of coffee. Just lovely. This anniversary card's idea is from another photo found through a Google search. The watermark said: A little research lead me to Azlina Abdul's blog. She is a quiller in Malaysia. Thank you! I added flowers made from 1/16 inch wide strips and a little grass. Inside the card reads "together". Our wishes for many more decades of happiness for Arno and Tanya.
2016 cards for birthday girls, Riley and Gwen. A cowboy boot for Colorado Riley and flowers for Gwen. Both girls get six hearts for being a wonderful 6 years old! The cowboy boot is from a photo I found through a Google search. It is from a Pinterest user but I was unable to locate who. If this is your idea, please let me know and I will give you credit. Riley B-day Gwen B-day card 
Quilled vortex flower I used vortex tear-drops to make a simple flower. close-up quilled vortex flower
Thank you card inside a dome quilled daisies
It will be my friend Sheila's birthday soon. This is the card I made for her. I used the comb quilling technique for some of the flowers and buds. After I made the loops, I squished and shaped them. I do like the results. Husking technique flower card Husking flower
flowers, grass and a lady bug I put a little "grass" at the base of the flower stems to anchor them. They are just several short strips of different greens glued together and folded into uneven zig zags. I had them squished together, applied glue to the back, let it unfold and pressed it to the card. Finally, I added a tiny lady bug, crawling up the stem. quilled ladybug
Lesser Celandine Janet Wilson's book, Quilled Wild Flowers, is the inspiration for this card. The flower is the Lesser Celandine and the instructions, patterns, pictures can be found starting on page 16. The leaves use the husking technique, explained in the book.
I used a domed card. The tri-fold card comes with an envelope and an acrylic dome which protects the quilling in mailing. You can buy them in sets of 3 from on-line quilling stores. This one is the oval; there is a round variety, too.
inside of card
Don't make the mistake I made when marking the flower and leaf placement. I poked a pin through the card to mark placements. Duh! I poked a hole through the card stock which of course showed when the card was opened. Here is my fix for that mistake, which I hope I never make again and I hope you never do either!!! 
Upcoming anniversary cards for my sons are done. At least the quilling is. I will insert the greeting and good wishes before I send them. love birds second pair of love birds
Mother's Day 2015 Happy Mother's Day to my Aunty Lois! The inspiration for her card goes to Sharon Bennett. The tutorial is on Click here and scroll way down. Thank you Sharon and Ann! Aunty Lois
My thank you cards to Arno and Riley.
Stand-up cards. My first tries. Look at the larger photos under the thumbs. 
Arno's thank you  Riley's we love you card 
Welcome Baby Etta   stand up cards
It is Valentine's Day soon. It is an occasion for lacy doilies and hearts. We always made our cards from construction paper and paper doilies. Now I add quilling.   Pam's 2015 birthday card Happy birthday to one of my daughters-in-law, Pam! 
the group side-ish view Love to Lois
Love to Marianne love to Colorado hearts to Florida
 Miss Louise is turning 100 years old in February! This is so tremendous. Congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful party!
Happy birthday, Miss Louise.
 Miss Louise Miss Louise's 100th birthday card. 
 flower I used a big paper punch  for several cards. The hole is backed with a slightly large piece of card stock with the quilling then glued on top. flower card
Happy new home! thank you The inspiration credit for my thank you card, pictured left, goes to a person in Melbourne, Australia. I used a colored partial heart rather than a circle, altered the words, and made changes to the flower. This card's inspiration definitely goes to another. Her quilling is beautiful and perfectly executed. She has a card shop on eBay (little.t.7) .
Daggi and Torsten sympathy card closer look
Gwen's card My two little granddaughters have their 4th birthday coming soon. I made simple cards for them to enclose with each gift. Some people use stamps on their cards, some hand write them. I simply printed the blank notecards with our printer using a document program before quilling quick little balloons. Add a hand written note and signature inside and you have a fast and inexpensive card. Riley's card
thank you card This card uses a double comb quilling technique which Karen Marie showed in a video. Inside I placed a 5th sprig on top of my "thank you". Since I planned on mailing it in a box, the extra height this card has was not a problem. If you click on the video link, a new window will open. inside
orange flowers sympathy card brown
blank card Birthday card The flowers on the card to the left are Speedwell wild flowers. Janet Wilson has a lovely book call QUILLED WILD FLOWERS. It was published by Search Press in 2008. This card has it origins from Janet's book.


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