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Welcome to my quilling page!

Quilling is the centuries old art of rolling thin strips of paper into coils and rolls, sometimes loose, sometimes tight, sometimes glued, sometimes not. They are formed into various shapes and arranged into designs.

Quilling, or paper filigree, once was used by the nuns in the 1500's and 1600's to decorate religious articles. If a church could not afford gold and silver scrollwork, gilded paper filigree could be used in its place. The ladies of leisure living in the Stuart, Georgian, and Regency periods all created works of art. They decorated tea caddies, screens, and frames, etc., and worked their Coats of Arms. In the late 1800's, during Queen Victoria's reign, a gentleman named William Bemrose tried to revive paper filigree with his Mosaicon kit. Quilling came to our shores with the early settlers. Paper filigree lost its popularity here in the United States for awhile. But in the 1970's there was a renewed interest. That popularity slowly grew and is strong today. Once again, Quillers make beautiful works of framed artwork, as well as simple gift tags, flowers for vases, greeting cards, decorated wood or cardboard boxes and recycled CD's, 3-D children, fairies, and cartoon characters plus eggs, castles, garden scenes, and tea cups. The list could go on... The sky has become the limit!

I first quilled in the 1990's for a short time. I joined The Quilling Guild, became totally fascinated by this gorgeous craft, made a few snowflakes, and earrings, even decorated a box or two for the snowflakes.  When other aspects of my life took precedence, my quilling books and paper were put away, but, thank goodness, not given away! And now, after a long pause of years, I have started quilling again. My mid-1990's attempt used the books from the 1970's where I learned from wonderful quillers. Thanks goes to those ladies for working so hard to keep our craft alive in the USA. Today with the Internet and the resurgence of popularity in quilling, we can find videos, tutorials, clubs, guilds, millions of photographs, probably hundreds of books, on-line supply sources, and sample charts of the quilled shapes and official names. The books of the 1970's are good resources.

This web page was created for my friend Fran. She became interested in quilling but was too far away for me to easily share what I was doing. I am trying to take pictures of what I make and do some explaining. Enjoy my photos, copy if you want but give me credit as I try to do. I would love to hear from you!

New and/or updated in 2021:
       Mosiacon by William Bemrose 
       Lighted lanterns  
       Blind Spot, a framed picture

New and/or updated in 2020:           
       The giant Easter Egg project 
       Boxes including my quilled antique reproduction box
       Framed Pictures: my Gecko
Heart box

Christmas star lantern

Circus Elephant


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framed picture

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Arden's Beetle Mosaic
Blind Spot
Giant Snowflakes
Heart Tree Mosaic
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Sunflower Mosaic suncatcher
The Giant Easter Egg
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Links: videos I have found helpful and other quilling sites

Old newspaper article by Ralph and Terry Kovel

Mosaicon article