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3D Projects

 Fairies, children and finger puppets, ball guys, Minions, etc. Fun little projects that take up big time. It is all in the details.

Most of the small photos below link to larger ones, just click the photos.


The elf made from the new quilling book Santa brought me in 2018: 3d quilled elf The book is Quilling für die Weihnachtszeit by Patrick Krämer. It is in German, has full sized patterns included and about 15 projects. A very good book!
Two of our German friends are fans of the Deutscher Fußball-Bund team Borussia Dortmund BvB. For his birthday in 2018 I made him a little footballer, his favorite player number 23, Shinji Kagawa. He is no longer playing for BvB.

BvB logo
footballer 3d quilled Kagawa
quilled BvB player Quilled Kagawa Quilled footballer
quilled peacock Beth Clark is a quiller in Texas. She is my inspiration for the standing peacock. His tail made him a bit unstable so I glued him on a circle of cardstock. quilled peacock side view
The daisy project. There is a European quiller whom I only know by her first name. Bridgit. She lives in Switzerland. Bridgit is a totally phenomenal quiller. She makes brilliant YouTube videos. The daisy bouquet is directly attributed to her skill and willingness to share and teach. Thank you so much!!!
Her YouTube channel can be found by searching for "Bridgit's Creativity".
Quilled daisies Quilled daisiy
Quilled daisies Quilled daisies details Be sure to open the larger pictures. The one to the left shows the underside of the ferns with their spores and the patterned paper I used for the flower stems.
  quilled vase I made the vase the daisies are in with quilled shapes, too.
In 2017 we again visited Karen-Marie Klip, the paper crafting store in Denmark. I bought the Viking kit. These little men are so sweet!  Quilled Viking Clan  
Quilled Viking chief Quilled Viking Clan chief back view  
Quilled Viking warrior Quilled Viking warrior side view quilled Viking
quilled Viking quilled Viking quilled Viking
Several places on my web page make reference to Karen-Marie Fabricius, director of Karen-Marie Klip paper store in Denmark. Here is another of her sweet little ways to use quilling paper. This time it is a little troll, or Trolde in Danish. Here is the link to her YouTube video:
There is just music. No need for too much verbal explanation for this little guy!
I sent my little troll and troll-ette home with Arno and Riley after their June visit. I guess I need to make another one for me!
quilled troll I forgot to take a photo of Riley's red troll-ette.
The North American Quilling Guild's 2016 conference was my first. But not my last. If you are a quiller, especially in the USA, and don't know about our Guild, look here. We would be so happy to have you join our group. Among all the various activities one can do at NAQGCON is attend classes. I took these: Vortex coils, miniature roses, finger puppets, weaving, and Iris folding. There were other classes, too, which I did not attend. The classes overlap and everyone gets sorted based on attendee's interests and space available. Other classes included things like quilled earrings, quilling with Silver Clay, techniques, etc. No matter which classes you end up with, you will learn and grow as a quiller. The finger puppet class was lead by Lois Bandt-Weber. Well, I totally became enchanted with both Lois and her puppets. Here is a link to another page which shows Lois and her puppets plus the puppets I have made since.
  quilled finger puppets   
Charmayne's quilled fairy Jane Jenkins wrote "Three Dimensional Quilling – Making Characters" in 2007. I used her book to make this little fairy. I wanted only one set of wings and a very stable base so my fairy is quite different from Jane's but the techniques for making her remained the same. I hand cut some used gift wrap, along with it's sparkly tape for the mound she stands on. Flowers and wild hair complete my fairy. Charmayne's quilled fairy
Jane Jenkins Charmayne's quilled fairy Charmayne's quilled fairy, back
white and dark chocolate In an issue of the North American Quilling Guild's newletter are the directions for a darling 3D chocolate covered strawberry. I tried, I succeeded. Thank you to Gail for taking the time to write-up her idea and how-to's. Want to know more about the NAQG? Click here!  
Quilled strawberry Quilled strawberry top  
Minions   2 of my grandchildren love the little Minions. I happened across a photo of a little quilled pair. More 3-d quilling practice. I cut my own paper for these guys. It added a bit of extra time to the project but they still only took about 3 evenings! Minions side view
Minions back view Minion hair close up I have my instruction for their paper sizes, etc., in case I make another Minion. This is always a good practice, not followed often by me! Mine are not quite 5 cm and 6 cm tall without their amazing hair-dos! 
Joining the pair of Minions are Boo and Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc., a computer-animated movie made in 2001. Mike and Boo  
The Ball Guy. He is little, maybe golf ball size. My base is a styrofoam ball. Lots of little loose coils here! And fantastic fringed eyelashes. quilled ball guy  


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