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Tiny flower pots

     These are so sweet!  These are little.  My "adventures" into 3-d quilling have started. I am quite frustrated. But gradually I am learning the secrets. I feel like I am re-inventing the wheel. I think I need a class! Help!

     I have used 1/8 inch wide strips, 2 per pot. After the first several, Bob suggested a wire rather than a toothpick for a stem. This gives me the ability to bend the flower's head. A little leaf completes each flower.

Most of the small photos below link to larger ones, just click the photos.


Charmayne's wateringcan 
I used 1/8th strips and a bit of flower-print gift wrapping paper.
Charmayne's watering can 
I added a tiny quilled heart and paper punch flower petals.
watering can and flower pot 
My watering can is just 2.8cm tall or about 1 1/8th inch.
I saw a watering can a long time ago on the Internet. I never did discover who actually made the beautiful little cans. Only the initials of GLS are on the photo. Her cans are simply lovely, with lots of tiny details. my inspiration from GLS the bottom
topiary plant My topiary is actually quite large in relationship to my other flower pots. They are more thimble size and this guy is approaching shot glass size!  When I stood him next to the tiny potted fringed flower pictured below (white flower with yellow background), the top of the flower ALMOST reached the TOP of this pot!  The white fringed flower is overall 3.5 cm tall. My topiary is 10.5 cm tall. Huge!
Waste not, want not. The green pot and tray was my first attempt at a cupcake. Yes, you did read that correctly! You can read what happened on my cupcake project page.
To make the topiary stable, Bob brought in some lead to put in the inside of the pot. I glued it in place. The trunk of the topiary is a paper clip, straightened out and covered with 1/8th wide brown paper. Actually, the portion inside the pot still has the loop, which I covered in paper to make the "dirt" stick to it better. The two balls are 4 fringed flowers. Each one has 2 colors of fringed strips rolled at the same time. I had trouble getting the center strip line to disappear. I finally made one half just a bit larger and pushed the second half inside it. I also cut down the "un-fringed" side of the strip the entire length of what became the outer half ball. I completely filled the pot with coffee grounds mixed with PPA glue. The two white spots on the dirt are tiny rocks. It stands nicely.
I got this idea from for the "dirt" in my pot from the blog of Ann Thompson. It is coffee grounds. Yep, actually used coffee grounds with some PPA glue added in. I am not sure I'd give Riley a pot like this as I don't know how durable the dirt is but for sitting on my window ledge, it looks and works great. Thank you, Ann! close-up of the dirt Update: Yep, OK for Riley and Gwen! I think I may add a few recycled tea leaves to the coffee ground/glue mixture. I hope it will look like I have added compost to my potting soil.
daffodils For this flower pot (I actually made two), I hand cut 1/4" wide strips from a very distressed children's picture book. The book, The Golden Bunny, was beyond saving yet many of the pages were usable for quilling strips. The Golden Bunny flower pot
Hyacinths back of Hyacinths The Hyacinths were inspired by Tammy Yoyomax. She has several wonderful youtube videos. If you click on this link, a new window will open and you, too, can make a tiny pot of Hyacinths. I really like the base I put under the hyacinth pot. It adds a lot of stability for Riley's little fingers.
Riley's daisy back of Riley's daisy My granddaughter, Riley, has a doll house which needed flower pots for the veranda - or wherever! I made her the tulip in it's purple and pink pot. I shaped it before gluing it. Also made for the doll house are the pink and yellow daisy and the pot of Hyacinths.
Riley's flower Riley's tulip Riley's flowerpot
heart flowers bases of flower pots 3 flower pots
While we were in Denmark this summer, we spent some time in our holiday house on FanÝ due to some pretty rainy days. No kite flying! I had brought my quilling and made several flower pots. Above are the heart flowers in their colorful little pots. The row just below shows a daisy which got pretty big. But it stands quite nicely. I used one of my pins for the flower center. It goes down into the flower stem. It is cheerful and happy.
Monika's daisy back flower back's center
beehive quilling leaves cactus plant cactus back
Beehive quilled leaves complete the double fringed flower little cactus plant with gigantic flowers! ...and the back.
double fringed flower white flower size comparison
fringed leaf fringers used for flower and leaf See how tiny?
first flower pots What to use for dirt. It was a mystery until about 2:00 am one night. While trying to put myself back to sleep I thought about this problem. Crimped brown 1/8th inch paper was the solution. It also helps to hold up the flower.

dirt close-up
first three pots   close-up of my dirt


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