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Quilled Boxes and Containers!

     Little boxes are a great way to give a gift.  Sometimes the box is completely quilled. Many times I have also recycled boxes found at the Thrift Store, cleaning them up and adding quilling to the tops. Here are some of the things I have made.

Most of the small photos below link to larger ones, just click the photos. .


2018 quilled wood box
Refurbished lid from several years ago. Several leaves had been crushed. I popped everything off and made new flowers. It is better.
first version 
First version of a box Bob refinished for me.

I rescued a large cardboard box from being discarded while at the Thrift Store one day. It got a coat of paint (several actually) and sat in the closet for several years. I decided it really needed to get finished and so I made a bouquet of flowers for it's top. But the top was so badly warped, I had to get Bob to solve the problem. He cut an oval of thin board and glued it in place. After several hours of dry time with heavy weights, the box lid was now flat and useable. pink quilled box lid
from the front
pink quilled box lid
from the rear
tiny quilled box
This tiny box was my trial run for a competetion entry for the 2016 NAQGCON, miniature division.
tiny quilled box
Back of the box. The seams of the lid and box line up. I sprinkled glamour dust inside and out of the base. I won't use it on the competetion box as only paper is allowed.
tiny quilled box inside
And the inside, complete with a tinly rose bud.
This box is a repurposed one. The ribbon and leaf were already in place. Whatever had been on the top was missing. I put a big sunflower on top of the crepe paper ribbon.  Now it is a perfect gift box.
The instructions for the sunflower are from an old booklet called Quilling & Paper Filigree for all ages. It was printed for Hazel Pearson Handicrafts in 1974.
recycled  box with quilled sunflower I could not get the wonderful dome Ms. Pearson specified for the center due to me not finding a good mold. But I am happy with my sunflower anyway. I used the vintage Quill Quiky and Quill Designer tools which are explained in this same booklet.
Old but not forgotten and still wonderful, both the tools, booklet, and my box!
Hexagonal quilled box
6-sided box. Painted fiberboard.
quilled heart box
The heart box I made for my mother.
quilled notecard box

Notecard box with quilled daisy on top of original printed daisy. It now has a lot more dimension.
quilled fall leaves box

Fall leaves adorn a refinished wood box, about 4 inches wide. Bob did the wonderful re-finishing job.
 "milk carton" boxes

One day I came across these 'milk containers' at the Thrift Shop. They were still flat, unused in the package. 4 of them for 50. OK, maybe something for a quilled flower. Yes, perfect for a flower or a Vortex coil.
I repurposed another little box. This one came from a jewelry store, complete with the store logo painted onto the faux leather top. I sprayed the top with silver paint after masking the side. I also pulled out the insides of the box and put a piece of card stock in the bottom in place of the watch form. And then quilled a little flower spray. I used a few strips of white I had edged in silver paint which were left over from another project. It was nice to have a box already to give to a friend with some earrings inside.

recycled box

recycled box
close-up recycled box
recycled box   
recycled box
quilled box
round box with lid
My little box was a lot of work. I made it without a form, something I would re-think for another one. It is  3.7 centimeters tall and has a diameter of 6.4 centimeters. When the lid would not stay in place, Bob suggested several little round coils along the inside edge to act as a lip. Perfect!  quilled box
bottom of box
quilled box
side view
quilled box lid
interior of lid with coils for a lip edge
quilled lid
top of lid with a rectangular handle


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