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     Thanks to all the books, bloggers and Internet-posted pictures for inspiration for the earrings and pendants I have enjoyed making. My life would be diminished without you!



Post earrings. The backing is a 3-layer thick stack of cardstock with the earring post sandwiched between the layer closest to the quilling and the middle layer of cardstock. It is very strong. I make the backing before gluing it to the quilling. I cover the outside layer of cardstock with fingernail polish to protect it.
These two sets of earrings are vrotex coils. 
Vortex coil earrings   quilled post earrings
Quilled vortex earrings    
  Jamie's quilled birthday earrings 2015 Jamie's birthday earrings 2015
Maura's quilled jewelry set Maura's quilled jewelry Mary's quilled earrings
triangle and circle quilled earrings triangles quilled earrings black triangles quilled earrings
dimensional quilled earrings dimensional quilled paper earrings dimensional quilled paper earrings
This is another design concept by Erin Curet, Little I have made 2 of her bracelets and here are my comments and suggestions. That page will also show you more photos and how I changed mine. quilled bracelet second quilled bracelet
circle earrings colors of pink  
squished beehive earrings
These 3 pair of earrings were more practice in making the outer rings plus squishing beehive quilling which I saw on a YouTube video by Kativilaga.
squished beehive earrings squished beehive earrings squished beehive earrings
The earrings to the right are nothing but circles! I used both tight coils and ring coils for this pair of fushia and light pink earrings. Note the outer band. Bob found a wonderful little tool called a Japanese book tool at a kite workshop we go to. It cuts perfect little circles with just a push. This is not a paper punch but a hand held screw punch. His research came up with ones for a few dollars up to a hundred. Ours came from eBay for about $18.00 and has several tips. Works for him. Works for me. My holes are just 1.5mm. circles and more circles side view
snowflakes The design concept to the left is by Erin Curet, Little Circles. I saw her "Suspended Snowflake Earrings" on a YouTube video and I decided to give it a try. The finished product is large so I made mine into pendants. Click on this link for more information and photos. side view
made for Jamie for Marianne Halloween quilled earrings
cream beauty for Bev Favorite pink earrings. Worn all the time! made for Alice
made for Rike Quilled earrings Fringed flower quilled earring
Made for Crispina earrings for Crispina  pendant for Crispina 
pink and black   black and white  quilled pendant


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