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Easter Projects

Easter eggs, bunnies, chickens, baskets. Fun seasonal projects that take up big time to create.

Most of the small photos below link to larger ones, just click the photos.


Easter 2017 bunny2017  
Easter 2016
Foot not in a cast and only 2 projects done. I love walking!!!
The blue egg is hollow, done in two parts and later joined together.
The second egg has quilled flowers glued to a real chicken egg. Blow them out, rinse internally and let them dry completely.
Blue hollow quilled egg quilling on a hollow chicken egg
Easter 2015 projects were more numerous than I would have guessed. My foot was in a cast and quilling certainly passed away a lot of hours!    
My purple Easter Egg Bunny
My first project was the purple egg- bunny. The egg-bunny is not my original idea. There are quite a few different egg bunnies and chickens on the Internet. Some are made by Danuta, a quiller from Naleczow, Poland.
I saw a reference to finger quilling and no hole centers, Googled it and gave finger quilling a try after watching a video (look on my links page). Well, after a million tight coils, I had a very sore index finger and the ability to usually get a tight coil without the center hole when I want one. I also ended up with a super cute Easter Egg bunny. The egg-bunny actually has 239 tight coils of varying sizes using 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, 1/12, 1/18, 1/24, 1/32 strip lengths. The full strip length is 24" long.  the purple bunny egg
There is a blown-out egg as the base.  Next time I dye the egg first. You can see his size above. The ears are pretty secure as each marquis open coil  has a "tail" on it which I glued to the egg.
side view of chick wings bunny tail Bunny feet
fire cracker egg
The fire cracker Easter egg is from Elena Evstigneeva.
I did not try to be exact in positioning my stripes, used lots of them and curled the tops. The tiny dots are what is made with Bob's hole screw. They are just 1.5mm. Sweet!
front and back
 brown chicken egg
quilled brown chicken egg quilled paper stand
Above is another quilled egg. The photo above links to a composite picture showing several sides of it. I used a blown-out brown chicken egg. The quilling adds a great deal of sturdiness to the egg shell. My little stand for the egg. I used the same pale pink paper which is in-between the flowers.
quilled chicken egg side view quilled chicken my quilled chicken
Fancy quilled chicken eggs I saw a photo of these funny chickens on-line* which are quilled with an empty chicken egg as the body. I had experimented with tissue paper and vinegar to dye the eggs as blown-out eggs are tricky to submerge without making a gloriously colored mess. OK, I still had colored fingers! These ladies are very fancy and funny. I thought my aunt would love to have one. Me, too! Quilled chickens from eggs
quilled chicken egg Quilled chicken egg side view of quilled chicken egg
*Footnote to these chickens... this morning I saw a YouTube video about Angels and discovered 3 videos for the chickens!  I think I will be making more funny chickens next year!
The name of the channel is Kativilaga.
Here is a link to one of the 3 videos:
Be sure to watch them all. I will add a link to her videos on my links page, too.
My hollow egg container is all pink. It did not seem as difficult as last year's hollow egg (below) since I have definitely learned patience, thanks to my cast and 6 -8 weeks of nothing but lots of time. quilled pink egg container   quilled container open
Open the container and you can see my "secret" to getting the top and bottom to stay together. After removing each finished half, I add a narrow strip to the inside of the top, and a wider strip to the inside of the bottom.
 top of quilled egg container
I even hand fringed the flower center! I just wanted a bit of short fringe around the center.
quilled egg container and stand 
Plus a little stand for the container. I think of this as my bird bath stand. Easy to make and quite steady, too.
Below is my Easter Quilling done in 2014    
After making the quilled hollow egg, I thought I'd try a basket. Not for the quilled egg as it is pretty large, but perhaps one of my colored blown-out Easter eggs. I found a tutorial on-line and started in. It turned out to be just 6 cm across! And quite symetrical, too, so I am pleased. The egg is a tiny wood one as my basket is too small for a normal sized chicken egg. Quilled Egg Basket empty quilled basket
egg basket 2014 Thank you to Laura Mavrodin's tutorial at "Quilling my passion" blog. Although my basket is quite different, I based mine on her dimensions and directions. A photo of her little pink basket is to the right... Laura's pink basket
Easter time means eggs, right? There are hundreds (at least) of beautiful quilled eggs to see on the Internet. Now there is also my first attempt. I used a LARGE child's plastic 2-part egg as my base as I wanted to get the egg out from underneath my quilling. This was the difficult way. I should have used a styrofoam egg. My problem was keeping the quilling in place. I could not pin the petals in place. I ended up with the bottom flower slightly off-center and spent many extra hours working on it. I am still re-inventing the wheel! Quilled hollow egg

It is about 9 cm tall and sturdy enough for my (nearly) 4-year old granddaughter to hold.
bottom of quilled hollow egg

Altogether I am happy with it as a first attempt. This photo is of the bottom of my egg.


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