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 Most of my quilling is 3D, snowflakes, angels, cards. Smaller projects. But sometimes I also do more time-consuming things, bigger things like pictures. You will find more details about some of them in other sections of my web page. Some simply shown here. Links will be given if another webpage is available. Most of those will have lots of explainations and construction tips.

Most of the small photos below link to larger ones, just click the photos.


Quilled sealife picture quilled sea life picture My granddaughters were born on the same day in 2010. We call them the twin cousins. This year I made both girls quilled pictures for their 8th birthday. Gwennie's is a sea life theme. She is our little Florida girl, living near the ocean and learning to surf in PE class.
I used a pattern by Gunter Stave for the seahorse. The background is painted in a myriad of ocean colors, the rest is the magical, mysterious and marvelous under-the-sea environment where the seahorse plays.
quilled picture being worked on!
Framing is a total mystery to me. Bob is constantly re-doing the frame, the mats, or the picture itself. Even after I tell him what size I want the boards cut to. This time, with Gwen's picture, he whacked off the edges of the hardboard. Yes, the quilling was all done.
quilled picture being worked on!

Smooth off the rough edges.

One of the edges that was removed.
 The "Year Of the ..." projects    
First was my Year of the Snake. That is my Chinese Zodiac symbol. Arno liked it when he saw it and asked me for it. I suggested we find his Chinese Zodiac sign and when we discovered his is the rat, I made that for him. His sign has a wonderful set of attributes so he was OK with the switch. quilled Year of the Snake  
quilled Year of the Rat
Framed, ready for Arno.
quilled Year of the Rat
quilled Year of the Rat
side view, 1/8th inch paper
Embroidery Mandala
For my framed entry in the North American Quilling Guild's 2017 convention, I made a Mandala. What is a Mandala? It is a geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. Mandalas are a pretty popluar quilling theme. Alli Bartkowski has a nice book titled "Quilled Mandalas".
I constructed mine on a polar grid to keep everything even. After I completed the quilling, I covered an embroidery hoop with Aida cloth and glued the Mandala to it. My entry took second place.
quilled Mandala. Work in Progress quilled Mandala close-up
quilled Mandala finished
Don't forget to put a label on the back!
The Heart Tree mosaic project was one I really enjoyed. Read about it here  start of a Heart Tree  Heart Tree
Arden's quilled beetle Arden's Beetle. One for Arden and one for me. The link to the project. quilled beetle
Quilled orange flowers
Orange Flowers
Quilled wedding invitation
Jamie's and Brian's invitation, 2015
Quilled kite fliers
Kite Flying, 2015


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