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Quilled Recycling!

     When I first started quilling again, after over 25 years of my quilling supplies being tucked into a closet, I discovered quillers were using old CD's to display their quilling. Great way to recycle. Since then, I have also recycled boxes found at the Thrift Store and other items such as gift wrap and abused children's story books and even vintage sheet music. Here are some of the things I have made.

Most of the small photos below link to larger ones, just click the photos. Some photo captions have links back to the original project page for the item.


recycled story book angels quilling with sheet music  
quilled notecard box

Notecard box with quilled daisy on top of original printed daisy.
 gift wrap quilling
flowers, hearts, snowflake and card from hand-cut gift wrap and sparkling tape
 quilling with gift wrap
... the snowflake
Daggi's quilled CD

I received a request to use one of my pictures (the one top left, Daggi's birthday "card") for a poster advertising an event of the Les Cercles de Fermières, which is the oldest women's association in Quebec (almost 100 years old). The poster which was created is bottom left. The event was October 2, 2016. I requested a poster but alas! one has not arrived. I consider it an honor to have had my quilling presented in such a unique way.

Original blog verbage here.
Here is a Google translation of the blog post published by L'Île-Bizard Farmers' Circle after the event:
The workshop paperwork within the framework of the Journées de la Culture in Ile-Bizard: a success!
This Sunday was held in the library of LÎle-Bizard the activity organized by the Cercle de Fermières Île-Bizard as part of the Journées de la Culture.
Participation was a delight for our organizing members, who showed their day-long students the technique of quilling. The participants enjoyed the experience and their works testify to it.
Next year for another beautiful craft activity

The items below can also be found in more detail on my miscellaneous projects page or my boxes page.    
quilled fall leaves box
fall leaves adorn a refinished wood box
quilled dragonflies
dragonflies from a child's story book
Quilled candle holder on a CD
Quilled CD candle holders
recycled box
jeweler's box with freshly painted top and quilled flower
 streamer quilling
Quilling strips that are actually party serpentine streamers.
quilled Christmas CD
Quilled CD Christmas decoration


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