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Recycled CD's

While looking at quilling blogs and web sites, I discovered quillers are recycling CD's to use as bases for their quilling. I love the shine and extra colors. Since there are lots of old CD's at the local thrift store, I bought several to try my hand at this style of re-purposing. Look for ones without a lot of scratches. Sometimes you can even re-use the case to safely ship your creation although this may take some cutting out the insides! And of course you can utilize new CD's and DVD's, too, but that is not quite in the spirit of recycling!

Watch the amount of glue you use to secure the quilling to the CD. Remove any squeeze-out since the reflection will double it! It really shows!


quilled CD quilled CD quilled CD
for Lois a double-layered Christmas snowflake
made with comb quilling and little crystal jewels
Lois 2014

My friend Daggi loves purple and lilac. Happy birthday, Daggi!

flowers hanging view
Lois' Valentine Happy Valentine's Day.


 candle holder

~votive candle holders~
I put 6 loose coils underneath to keep them off the table top. And a loose scroll under the candles. For the most safe solution, use a battery operated "candle". And of course, if you do use a real candle, never leave it unattended.
little feet cd candle holder cd quillling


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