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 Coasters, butterflies and dragonflies, etc. Fun little projects that take up big time. Funny how that works! I have decorated lots of small boxes, too. They are on their own page now, as are my 3d projects.

Most of the small photos below link to larger ones, just click the photos.


2021 More Valentines this year.  
Florida Valentines Florida Valentines' backs The Florida grandchildren's, front and back.
The Colorado grandchildren's. CO Valentines  The grandsons got "conversation heart" punch-outs. Coming up with all those sayings was a challenge.
The 2 granddaughter's got quilled Valentines. This one is a closer look at Gwen's. Gwen's Valentine Gwennie's Valentine back
Kay's Valentine One for a friend, one for a cousin, and I forgot to take a photo of my aunt's arrow through a heart. Mary Lou's Valentine
A new Halloween spider in 2020.
It is a spooky one!
I have seen several similar spiders including ones by Stacy Bettencourt and Zsuzsanna Pintérné Végh (Pinterzsu).
My other spider on its web is down below in 2015.
Halloween spider This particular spider is made from a YouTube video by Ankhang Handmade or Nga Tran. The video only has music and the tutorial starts at about one minute in. The details are written on the screen.  Thank you Nga. Good tutorial!
I have not sent many quilled Valentines. I send Valentines every year but mostly make doiley and construction paper heart ones. And sometimes sugar cookies!

2019 Valentines
quilled Valentine
I did make two quilled ones in 2019.
quilled Valentine
I tried a lovely heart from a video tutorial by Meredith of the PaperCraftery. She calls it a botanical heart with flowers and vines. So! I did not listen to her video as we were watching TV and also did not download her templates from the blog. Mine got a little big for the card I had planned! Next time a smaller heart to start. This is her heart:
The Paper Craftery
The video link is here.

Her blog post, which also includes 2 sizes of heart templates is here.
quilled heart with vines and flowers

my heart!
I honestly did not like Meredith's gluing method for attaching the heart outline to the wax paper. Next time I will just pin my outline in place on my quilling board and skip the glue.

I made bunny ear quills from gilded red paper rather than all circles for my flowers. And a few red tight rolls on the left side of my heart and I am happy!
A starry ring ornament. This one is double sided, one with glitter, one without. I chalked the white paper. Making my own paper rings is very hard. I prefer the wood laser cut rings. In 2020 I found plastic ring forms to use. Much better than free-form but still they take practice. Quilled star ornament quilled stars and moon ring
quilled bird
a little quilled bird on a ring...
I added a hanging loop.
quilled mandala
the start of a new mandala...
lots of pins and a polar grid
the mandala is done, just waiting for a frame and photo
A cacti garden! Made for the NAQGCON, everything is paper. The cacti and succulents of course, but also the container and sand are paper. I made a cardboard insert for the container and cut slits in it to support the plants. The sand is lots and lots of tiny pieces of paper. I spread glue over the insert and sprinkled my sand. I took a little bag of "sand" with me in case I needed to repair the surface. Quilled Cacti garden

 There are 8 cacti and succulents in the garden.
quilled cacti garden

My garden now lives in a shallow clay pot with real gravel.
birds A few little quilled birds for a birdhouse
project in 2019 with my grandchildren.

I took a small project with me on a trip. This design can be found in a book by Gunter Stave.
mandala progression
mandala process started
mandala progression 2
lots of pins...
mandala progression 3
completed project

Karen-Marie Klip always has new ideas for quillers and paper crafters to try. These fringed flowers were fun to make.
Fringed flowers quilled fringed flowers
My quilled heart my quilled heart flower and hanger My Aunt Lois lives far away but is still close to my heart. This was made for her, to hang maybe on her mirror.

My Philodendron grows like a weed. I recently divided it and decided to "bless" my friend Maura with one of the divisions. It looked a bit bare and I dressed it up with a quilled bird and nest.
quilled bird and nest quilled bird and nest
quilled bird and nest The nest is a tight roll, shaped and glued. I cut up little pieces of 1/8" wide strips, spread glue on the outside of the nest and rolled it in my tiny pieces of paper. More nest-like. nest material
For Halloween! I leaned my spider-on-his-web against one of the panels in our room divider.  Quilled spider and web  My other Halloween project is down the page. Click on the little ghost photo to drop down to it.

Quilled Halloween candle topper 
Karen Marie's parrots are a fun bird to make.
I used 3/8" wide paper strips. My first one was spotted one day by Arno and Riley. They thought they needed parrots, too. I added Jane Jenkins' sparkle to the eye. He looks so much better! I used 1/2" wide paper for Arno's and Riley's parrots.
quilled parrot's eye
quilled Parrot quilled parrots
vase of flowers A sunny little vase of flowers.
They never need water!
yellow flowers quilled yellow flowers flowers
Dragonflies! dragonflies  
dragonflies dragonflies For my dragonflies I used some of my hand-cut paper from The Golden Bunny book I am re-purposing for quilling. It was too far gone to recover for a story book, and now for quilling, I like the looks. These strips are 1/8" wide.
Halloween is right around the corner. I put out my decorations including a new little ghost. He seemed to be looking at something. And that something was missing. Now he has a battery-operated tealight to ponder. tealight Ghost and tealight
Butterfly coaster quilled butterfly coaster This was my first use of a crimper.
This butterfly holds a drinking glass as well as my earrings at night! The inspiration for my coaster was a little picture in a slide show on Quilled Creations.
A butterfly made with 1/4 inch wide paper. The paper was thicker than I am used to quilling with. Difficult to start rolling as I normally don't use a slotted tool. I solved this by scraping the end of the paper with my thumbnail to soften and curl it a bit. quilled Butterfly  


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