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I found a Danish quiller in one of my online searches. Karen-Marie Fabricius is the director of Karen-Marie Klips. This is a paper crafting oasis in Denmark. Karen-Marie has lots of videos with enough information given to allow viewers to be successful at making her stars. It is more difficult without her book and/or system (kit) but a doable task given enough desire! These are my first attempts at making her stars, using her techniques. The small photos below link to larger ones, just click the photos. The page is ordered with my the first stars at the bottom, new stars at the top.

Loopy quilled star This is another Karen-Marie Klip styled star. I used her modular technique and loop technique. Open up the larger photo and look at the side of the star. This is Little Circles' printed paper. Nice. Below, is a comb quilling technique I was experimenting with. I used multicolored strips, leftovers from other projects. I sprayed the finished star with paint. The downside for me is the plastic look. I need to now make more of these stars with the color paper I want my star to be!
comb star comb star back comb star
quilled star Stars with  suspended paper beads! Quilled star with paper beads
These stars above, to the right and the row below again all use Karen Marie's star system. There is comb quilling, loops, and V-scrolls inside the stars. What is different about these stars are the suspended paper beads!  Carmen Petrik of Germany posted a photo of her amazing 6-pointed star on Karen-Marie's Facebook page. It has paper beads suspended in 3 of the segments. Her beads look like they are made from elongated triangular paper. My first try was just 1/4" wide strips of paper rolled into a tight coil. My second star has elongated triangular strips rolled up for the beads. Her concept is fabulous. Thank you, Carmen for sharing it! quilled star with suspended beads quilled star
Quilled star with paper beads Quilled star with paper beads Quilled star with paper beads
quilled star 6-pointed quilled star  
The star to the right is actually constructed just as the star immediately above is. What a difference paper width and color can make! I used Karen-Marie's star segment system and her lilas. The pink and white star is 1/4" wide strips and the ecru one is 1/8". quilled star  
blue and cream quilled star pink quilled star
side one
 quilled pink star second side
side two
I made only this star in 2015. It uses a Karen-Marie frame in the center, comb quilling, loops, tight rolls and a half width loose coil in the center. Purple quilled star Quilled star made with purple paper
This star is another of Karen-Marie's stars, with a slight omission. She made a large one for the video but as I used my small size frame with the 1/8th inch wide quilling paper as the Star 13 below, I did not add the outer loops.
Hint: wrapping the star with another layer makes for a sharper shape. This one rounded out quite a bit, making it more flower-like. The star number is 20, Star of Flensborg.
star 20, Star of Flensborg with omissions  For my small star frame, I used a strip of 1/8th inch paper which started at 24 7/8 inches long. Make 6 segments each from a 1/4 strip. I made the pressed mark at 12 mm. This measurement will vary depending on the length of the taped and flattened circle. I think I may be off a millimeter, needing the mark at 13mm but I am close and pretty happy with my stars. Quilling is not necessarily an exact science! Watching Karen-Marie's Star 13 video, I worked out a close ratio for my strip size and the crucial pressed mark placement.

Sønderborg stjernen (star), number 19 star 19

I have made stars using Karen-Marie's system plus my own centers.
The frame is all great!
 4th small star
 loose scrolls fill centers of this star
 3 stars
 3 stars
 comb quilled center
comb quilling can fill centers. too 

This star is Karen-Marie's Star 13 - The Star of Hvide Sande.

  You can watch Karen-Marie's video for Star 13 on YouTube.
Click here.
 double bee hive
Bee hive quilling with 2 strips together. It was hard to get the strips into my tool. Now I have another slotted tool with a wider slot.
 bee hive center
For these centers, I glued a red strip to the cream strip before starting my bee hive curling.
 reverse side
...and the reverse side of the star to the left... I have cut the center coil strip in half lengthwise. It gives a lower profile.
medium star 
the Star of Hvide Sande
you can see these are small in size
exterior wrapped
side wrapped with a narrower strip
First attempts:    
several trys!
Not having Karen Marie's quilling system (yet!), it took me several tries to get a size and shape I was happy with. My large star in the photo does not have the correct dimension for the bending point, making the star ungainly looking. I finished it as I was also practicing a new technique for me... bee hive quilling. Bee hive curls are nice for filling in large areas very quickly with random curly cues. After taking the picture to show the importance of the bending point, I threw the large star away. That is a good thing with this craft. Mistakes are cheap to get rid of!

a little color

reverse side

front and reverse

I like cutting the strip for the center in half before curling it. 1/16th inch wide centers on the star looks nicer as they lay close to the surface.

2 color center

Star 13 reverse

front and reverse

This star has the wider center coil. It is not as nice as the star to the left. It sticks out too much when left at 1/8".


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