2020 kite gallery

Bob's and Charmayne's kites in 2020

Moth The year began with 2 more butterflies. Well, one more butterfly and one moth. These little butterflies first arrived in 2014. There are now five that flutter around.
In winds between 3 and 6mph, they flutter and dart and dodge gently around. Wind above 6mph will bend their wings back too much to look nice.
blue butterfly butterfly flock
Moon eyes We have another Jimmy!!!!
Jimmy is one of my favorite kites. We taught him at Ft. Worden. And one of my students could not attend but wanted the kit. And that kit came back to me. He fits in so well with the others.
Jimmy the Third
Jimmy number 1
Jimmy the Third
Jimmy the Second
UCVGP:  Frantzen Planeur Cerf-Volant Voilier
System L.P.F. type 1922

New kite construction process:
Bob makes a miniature...
Bob drafts the patterns...
Charmayne cuts fabric and sews...
Bob rigs, makes rods, bridles...
Bob makes them fly.
Bob's miniature sewing
UCVGPP 2020 Frantzen type 1922 UCVGPP 2020 flight